Made with Kirby and <3


Thanks for the praise. Noted for the menu; I’ll keep that in mind for future updates.


Looking really great! I like the site but also the way you make backend work for your site, excellent integration! I’m very much interested in how you created those tabs, you say you “converted” the content blocks, can you explain your approach?



Boiling is a youth grad-trip company located in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Super site and design !


great work @invasoria :smiley:


A central home for all of my comics projects, taking advantage of Kirby’s flexible hierarchies:

(Would love to open source this at some point, but haven’t figured out how to make it easy for non-designers/developers to install/maintain)


Love it :heart_eyes:


Developed my friends portfolio site:


Hi everybody,
I just upload my portfolio website powered by Kirby :).


Hi everyone!

We just launched our agency website - our first Kirby project.
And we love it!!! Really really a great CMS.
Thanks to Kirby and @bastianallgeier for this great tool!

We are RME Digital Productions, an agency from Feldbach/Austria and we are building digital stuff.

Feedback welcome!!


Hi guys!
I’ve been following the forum (almost) daily for a long time but never took the time to share here…

So let me please introduce my blog

It’s basically two of us travelling around Australia (mostly) and sharing with our friends and family. What I’m most proud of is the work done in the panel to make our life easier. We’re working offline all the time as we get really dodgy internet connection most of the time and then upload an article at a time in a zip… at the speed that free wifi gets you!

I love the community for all its guidance and help and will do my best to share, help as best as I can and make themes if I feel like it when I’ll be back in front of a normal computer.



I abandoned a Wordpress installation and rebuilt my webcomic using Kirby:

I hope you like the site and the comic too :slight_smile:


Moved my credit union site from Wordpress to Kirby. Implementation was quick and let me focus on design and functionality without the clutter.


Hi all,

here is my first Kirby page. It’s for a screed layer.

Share your Kirby website source codes

Hi there is other one




Recently, I published a client’s website using Kirby. It was my first time using the CMS and I’ve been utterly impressed. The design heavily takes advantage of the built in thumbnail engine as it’s for a painter. The Panel has been completely designed to allow for the artist to upload her own work and add meta-data easily. All content has been entered by her.

Here’s the website.


Hello there.
Recently put online my latest side project.
It’s a fun game I’m playing with a friend of mine where we try to document every object we have and in the process of doing that we also try to simplify our lives by getting rid of stuff we don’t need and we don’t use.

The site is


I like the idea behind the website a lot !
I had to go to my computer to watch it though as on mobile it’s not the best experience!