Lost all data when adding new article

Some how, one of my users was adding a new article to the our site, and they informed me that while uploading photos was logged out a few times and then the whole articles folder vanished, gone, without a trace. Anyone experienced this and/or have any ideas how this could have happened?

Wanting to work out what caused it and how to prevent happening in the future.

Have you checked if you can find anything in the php error logs and the server logs that might give an indication of what happened?

Looks like it was deleted by accident by the user :confounded:

Anything else would have really surprised me. Hope you had a backup.

Oh, and I’d make this folder undeleteable in the future just in case…

  status: false
  delete: false
  url: false

I have added this flag now, but the dialog for deleting a page is very obstructive with a tick box to confirm action, I would doubt this would have been confirmed by the user. Very odd.

Knowing the user, I cannot see them doing this at all.

That’s true, it’s hard to accidentally delete the folder.

I have spoken to the user, from what I understand she was getting logged out often while adding the article, I have looked on here and that seems to be an issue with PHP session stuff which I will look into.

But this is where it gets interesting … She said she saw the delete dialog, though ‘OMG errr no!’ can pressed cancel, being scared by all the red text. This logged her out again (connected to above I would assume), when she logged back in again, the articles page that contains the sub pages had gone.

I trust what the use is telling me, she seemed confused how it would have happened with what she done.

Any thoughts?