Loggin in as editor throws panel:area error

Hi! this is my first forum post, sorry in advance if i miss important information:

i stumbled upon a problem i cannot seem to find a solution for. loggin into the panel with an admin account works fine. logging as an editor throws me this error.

since i have never had this issue before, i am not sure what to look for. i get this problem on a local installation and on a live-site.

the live-site is currently running kirby 3.8.4, my local one on 3.9.0

anyone has the same issue, or knows a solution?

I cannot reproduce this issue in a fresh Starterkit.

Are you testing this with a relatively fresh Starterkit or have you installed any plugins/use any custom code?

i just found the problem. i am using the simplestats plugin which threw the error if an editor logged in since i havent added that role in the authorized roles option. adding it solved it for now :grinning:

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We should let @daan know, since he’s the author/maintainer of the package (and I just ran into the same problem :wink: )

Thanks for notifying me, I just created an issue for it.

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This issue has been fixed now (in master), thanks @CHE1RON ! :wink:

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glad to help :upside_down_face: