Limit tag field to single entry

Can the tags field type be limited to only allow a single tag to be entered? I like using this to have a somewhat fixed list of values yet allow my client to enter new “shared” options. However in most cases it should only be a single value (e.g. “Status”).

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As far as I know, there is no such option. You could try to achieve that with a custom field, though.

In that case I’d use a select field.

Select field has fixed options. I would like my client to be able to easily add new options to it.

You could make the options of a select field more dynamic by querying a field of a parent page or site settings. With the upcoming 2.3 release, this will be a feature without the need to use a custom field.

The 2.3+ feature is great, but in this case the client needs to go to that other field (the source field) and add the new option, then go back to the select field and select it. If we can limit the tags to one, that would be the best solution here. I’m looking for the same thing right now. The client does have a brain so maybe I can instruct him to just input a single entry.