Layouts / blocks JS and CSS template


Just found out, that there’s no reusable sample JS/CSS provided in the starterkit for the layouts and blocks. Makes it kind of hard for a rookie web dev to setup a kirby site quickly. Especially the gallery. Every other CMS (even those for free) comes with all somehow esential ressources.

I also haven’t been able to find a documentation of how the “fields” of the blocks are named in order to overwrite the templates with a accordingly named snipped at the “/snippets/blocks” directory.

Or did I just overlook it?

The defaults are all in the documentation, so for example here is the gallery block:

If you place a copy of the block code in the usual snippets/blocks/ folder, it will overide the one in the plugin. You can do the same with the blueprint if you need to add some fields to it.

There are so many ways to set up a gallery, so many different JS solutions, it wouldn’t really make sense to provide a solution for that. That is part of Kirby’s pholosophy not to force anything on you.