Krib and Panic’s Transmit FTP sync

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This topic maybe isn’t directly related to Kirby but maybe someone has and ice, though …

I’m using Panic’s Transmit FTP client to sync my local files with my FTP server. The problem is, that I often come to the issue that the sync says that some of my image files are change although they aren’t. Has anyone an idea what can cause this confusion of Transmit?

My Server is hosted by German provider Sysprovide and my settings are:

  • Protocol: FTP
  • Port: 21
  • passive mode


Did you install and use the Panel before that happened? It may “touch” the files in some cases, meaning the modification date on the server is changed.

I use the panel and actually suspected it to be the cause … so in that case there’s no solution is it?

Hi Tobi,

Transmit (as you are probably aware) provides the option to skip/ignore files.

While this feature is most useful for .git, .svn config files etc, you could perhaps create a set of rules that would prevent Transmit attempting to upload/sync image files that are technically unchanged?

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thanks and yes I already came up with a rule to exclude image files, which makes the sync faster but it feels more like a workaround than a solution … furthermore this problem also affects text files, while this isn’t that bad cause they are much smaller than the images and can be synced pretty fast …

is Transmit really proofing the filechanging or only the creation date?