Kosmos 26 is getting ready to be shipped 🌏

I’m back from my vacation and currently busy combing the web for the best links to include in Kosmos 26, which will - surprise, surprise - get out to subscribers on Friday.

So, there’s some time left for you to trust us with your email via our subscription form.

Kosmos will then arrive in your inbox every 1st Friday of the month until you unsubscribe.

If you want to know what is in it for you, head over to our blog, where past episodes are published.


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Wohoo! I love the Kosmos. Hope you had a good holiday… :sunglasses: :sunny:

p.s you have a wrong word in your topic title.

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Can’t really blame that on my MacBook’s keyboard…

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And as regards typos and other mistakes in Kosmos:

A big shout out to @lukasbestle without whose eagle eyes Kosmos episodes would be barely readable. No matter how hard I try - cleaning my glasses and screen, using a spell checker, reading it ten times in big letters - I never managed to get down to zero. So, thank you, Lukas.


Lukas BeSpell you mean!? :joy:


Or Lukas BestSpell :grin: