Kirby3 DejureOnline auto-link plugin

Dear community,
for those of you working with (german) legal norms, I just published a simple plugin, which hooks into kirbytext and automatically links them to - not very polished and without docs etc - think of it as “early access” :fox_face:

May the law be with you, always …

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v1.2.1 is out now!

A lot has been improved under the hood, and I’m glad the docs now show the full potential of this library:

composer require s1syphos/kirby3-dejure


You may change certain options from your config.php globally ('kirby3-dejure.optionName'):

Option Type Default Description
'enabled' bool false Enables / disables plugin
'ignore' string '' Global file number ignore
'email' string '' Contact mail
'buzer' bool false Fallback linking to ‘
'class' string '' Controls class attribute
'lineBreak' string 'auto' Controls links across line breaks. Possible values: 'ohne', 'mit', 'auto'
'linkStyle' string 'weit' Controls link range. Possible values: 'weit', 'schmal'
'target' string '_blank' Controls target attribute
'tooltip' string 'neutral' Controls title attribute. Possible values: 'ohne', 'neutral', 'Gesetze', 'halb'
driver string 'file' For all cache drivers, see here
caching array [] For all config options, see here
'cacheDuration' int 2 Cache duration (days)
'streamTimeout' int 10 Response stream timeout (seconds)
'timeout' int 3 Request timeout (seconds)
'userAgent' string null Controls User-Agent header

For using it with kirbytext(), just enable it & you’re ready to go. For anything else, use config options or the other methods described in the README on GitHub.


I released v1.2.2, adding support for descriptive title attributes. Also, this plugin is now listed on the page:


With this release, kirby3-dejure.enabled only controls behaviour for kirbytext() calls, not all methods.

Additionally, when dealing with an intendedTemplate() being allowListed, this overrides kirby3-dejure.enabled being false, whereas blockList disables the hook for pages even when kirby3-dejure.enabled is true.