Kirby workflow with reuseable content elements


I have several small website projects waiting to be built and I´d like to take some time and create a good reusable foundation to built upon. I have many years experience in building websites in Contao, Typo3 and Kirby. In Typo3 I had some basic installation with like ten of the most important content blocks (e.g. text-image combinations, banners or teaser boxes) which the user could easy place freely on every page and fill with content. In this way I could reuse many content elements from project to project and only had to make minor adjustments to the structure/behavior of the blocks and adjust the styling to fit the current project.

Of course I have found the great Kirby Builder Plugin and used it to reproduce this kind of basic installation. I also added the new Kirby Editor field to make it dead simple for users to edit their content. I even wrote some gulp scripts to generate components via the cli with a few keystrokes.

But… I´m always running into problems with the Kirby Builder specially in combination with the Kirby Editor and nested structure-fields. Also the performance is getting really bad in the backend once you have more than a couple of those content blocks on one page.

It feels a bit like a hack to me. Like Kirby wants to be used in a different way. I want that basic installation to be as robust as it can be. I also really would like to use core functionality only without any theird-party plugins. But this page-builder-approach is so flexibel and fast. Almost a no-brainer if you want to build many similar pages.

I would love to hear how you use Kirby and if someone maybe found a flexible way to reuse content-elements with core-functionality only. Maybe there is a way to reuse blueprint sections and snippets to mimic the Kirby Builder.

Thank you!