Kirby Revisions 2 - Poll about what to do with it

Can the action be something else than “Update” or “Create” ?

Yes, there is a Rollback action as well. It’s created after a revision is rolled back.

Did you have something in mind regarding to this?

I just wondered why the action is prominently displayed, even though in the screenshots it’s always the same one. Now I understand why :slight_smile: I’ll have to use the plugin a bit before I make suggestions :wink:

Yes, I should probably improve the screenshots. :slight_smile:

In the revisions list I wanted to show as much as possible, except the actual revision content. One part of that is to show the action.

It might change in the future.

For example, I have plans to show the number of inserts and deletions in that list somewhere. Maybe something like this:

@jonathanhess I want to involve at least one more person into this issue. Do you agree with my suggestion or @Malvese on this one? Other people can vote as well. Thanks!

I like both. But I prefere your version, where the current is not listed.
If you go for Malvese’s one, I would deactivate the link so its not clickable.


Hi Jens
I installed the plugin on a website where I use

c::set('date.handler', 'strftime');

Obviously this breaks the date in revisions. Is there a way to tell the plugin to use also strftime?

And a small improvement would be, if it would use the field label instead of the field name. On the detail page the titles are the fieldnames so that could be confusing. This should be changed to the blueprints label name.

Thanks for your report! I added an issue about it here.

Version 2.5 released

Page field

When visiting a page these changes will appear:

  • Icons removed to save screen space
  • The current revision which is equal to the current page is now moved to the bottom
  • Delete all deletes all revisions for the page
  • Diff shows how many inserts and deletions there are

Revision sidebar

See screenshot above. When visiting a revision in the panel there is a Revision info section. It shows template, action and diff.

Missing in blueprint warning

Below the fields diff in the revision there can be a warning if there are fields that are missing in the blueprint. This can be good to know about because these fields is probably not visible on the panel page, even if they are restored in the content file.

Template diff warning

See screenshot above. If the revision template is different than the original page there is also a warning about it.

Complete changelog


  • Feature: Added latest/current revision as a date in the field footer
  • Feature: Added option plugin.revisions.panel.root.url to set if the panel is installed in another location than default
  • Feature: Delete revision from inside revision
  • Feature: Delete all revisions from page
  • Feature: Delete all in revision archive
  • Feature: Confirm warning before delete added on all revision fields
  • Feature: Sidebar added with template, action and diff
  • Feature: Diff numbers added to field tables
  • Feature: Warning if template name differs to original
  • Feature: Show fields not in blueprint separated
  • Enhancement: Moved css from inline to assets/css
  • Enhancement: Fields now share the same snippets where possible
  • Enhancement: Renamed Updated to Modified in the page field
  • Enhancement: Removed icons to get more space in page field
  • Enhancement: Uses own table CSS instead of borrowing the structure field style
  • Fix: Revisions per page in revision archive are now 25 instead of 5
  • Fix: Hide latest/current revision to prevent rollback to itself
  • Fix: Added site()->errorPage() instead of error to go

This is becoming more and more awesome… I love that you added a custom sidebar section. I’ll dig into that soon.

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First of all, i want to say your plugin is awesome! From now on it’s going to be one of my basics installations :slight_smile:

I’m about to upload to a production server but i’ve a doubt about the Missing in blueprint warning.

I’m not sure why it’s appearing in my revisions page because actually the coverImage exists in the blueprint, and i use it in the template later.

Why is this message appearing then?

Thank you so much!

I have not worked with the plugin for quite a while. I’m not sure. Maybe you could add an issue on Github and I’ll look into it in the future.

But for now, check that the field name is matched exatcly.

Kirby Revisions

When building Kirby Revisions it seemed like the best idea to place the revisions in the content folder. I could then use many built in Kirby Panel core functions.

But there was a downside to it. The revision folder needs to be excluded in snippets and templates. Another thing is that it will flood the panel search with revisions.


I was surprised how such a major issue hadn’t been spotted before as it makes the plugin unusable unless the person installing is prepared to make significant changes to Kirby’s core files

What should I do with it?

  • Delete the repository
  • Give away the repo to someone else
  • Wait for Kirby to figure something out in the core
  • Something else (requires a comment)
  • Start over from scratch and not use the content folder

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Sorry to have caused so much trouble, it was an example I used when talking about a different topic :flushed:

I chose Something else and I think the easiest thing to do is also the most effective

Just put a note on the repo saying almost exactly what you have said above just fleshed out a bit


Kirby Revisions (DEPRECIATED)

When building Kirby Revisions it seemed like the best idea to place the revisions in the content folder. I could then use many built in Kirby Panel core functions.

But there were some downsides:

The revision folder needs to be excluded wherever you were using a query in your snippets and templates. There was no global way to fix this.

When using autocomplete in the panel, the revisions would flood the results .

The repo will remain here for others who want to learn from it or use elements that are working fine.

But for now…

This plugin should be considered as DEPRECIATED

Or something along those lines :slight_smile:

Which was all I was suggesting in the other topic, so thank you.

By the few votes to judge there is no clear solution how to solve the problem. I’m not sure if “deprecated” would be the right word for it. If Kirby add something that could fix it, it would just be a minor enhancement to the plugin to solve this.

But I agree that I should write a note about it in the readme and perhaps even add a beta label on it. It’s still not a useless plugin, as long as you don’t search in the panel. :wink:

Anyway. I’m still not convinced of a solution to it yet. Time will tell.

Well, I would probably move it out of the content folder.

But I agree, as long as it works, it is not deprecated, nor is it a beta version. It is just a working plugin with limitations. I’m just wondering if permissions wouldn’t make it possible to hide those pages from the panel search, not tested.

For Git users, a Git approach would certainly make more sense. But for those who do not use Git, a file based alternative would be helpful.



@mungle For Kirby 3 or 2?

In any case, there is no other plugin I’m aware of.

Kirby 3… that will be very very very useful in terms of safety…! Just deleted the content of a whole page by mistake! :sob:

It’s always a good idea to have regular backups…

If you have git, consider using a git plugin for the content folder: GitHub - thathoff/kirby-git-content: Commit and Push changes made via the Panel