Kirby redirect content txt files to a server path

I have a test site at… http://beta.lå (IDN domain) and when I try to access a txt file it will redirect me to a server path. The file I try to access is…


I want to have an error page because I don’t want others to read my content from the txt files. That part works. My error page says “dasda” right now. I got redirected to this…


That part I don’t like.


  1. Why am I redirected to the server path?
  2. How can I fix it?
  3. Is it bad security for hackers knowing the sever path?

I’m on a shared host and everything else works like expected. I have not installed any redirect plugins, or any plugins at all.

Coul you try to uncomment RewriteBase /mysite in your .htaccess and change it to RewriteBase / ?

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Seems to work on my live domain now, but not on the beta sub domain. Very strange.

However I don’t care for my sub domain so it’s kind of acceptable, for my case.