Kirby Menu multiple levels (CSS)

It is more a CSS solution than a Kirby solution but it can maybe help someone.

I was playing arround to create a navigation for Kirby and was thinking about how to categorize sub and sub-sub projects etc…

So I did it 2 differents ways.

  • the classic way with the classic folder content organisation of Kirby
  • the second, with the select a structure plugin from Caleb Grove.

Both have for the moment some lights “defaults”.
The first would be perfect if primary projects title page was hidden from the url
For the second, witch uses the plugin, I was able to modify it a little (to be able to use select in severals pages from same template), but I did not found a solution to sort “categories”.

It is made with css only.
Design is light and made to be an easy starting point for a next project, and super easy to customize and expend.

You can visit and download it here

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