Kirby Devkit, easy access to data and parameters in the frontend

Coming from Symphony CMS I found myself a bit lost now and then when looking for available data while building page templates. Using the debug devkit-extension in Symphony there was a way to show all available parameters and data for a current page. This plugin aims to bring a bit of this back without having to resort to var_dump()s and echoing variables all too much.


Cool! Can probably make the plugins code a bit more readable by using the html helpers rather then echoing and concatinating strings of html and php.

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Thanks for the hint! I’m not a big fan of echo() either, but in case of the current code I have I cannot see how the html-helper would make it easier to read. I’m happy to be convinced otherwise though (I’m no PHP programmer …).

I got rid of all the echoing. Not that it’s a lot more readable now, but the pugin now adds its own html together with the original page via page.render:after to avoid headers-already-sent problems.