Kirby CLI Installer

Right now it has, but I haven’t forgotten about it. It’s just life sets different priorities from time to time.


agh, too bad! the CLI syntax/functionality to add new blueprints, templates etc. as you showed in the screenshot above would be worth bills!

It’s kinda possible that I began working on this again, here.

I had to begin from new, as I lost all data, but I’m slowly building it up… The old list was more of a show what I’d like to implement. But the REPL inside is already effing cool.

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Nice tool @cilice :slight_smile:

It was sad to see, that @cilice had to abandon this project, though very understandable. But I’m super happy to announce that I talked to him and we agreed that I will use his version as inspiration and start from scratch with an official Kirby CLI release.

The very first version is now available on Github and Packagist:

You can install it like this:

composer global require "getkirby/cli=~1.0"

and by adding…

~/.composer/vendor/bin directory 

…to your PATH.

There are a lot of commands already available as you can see in the readme:
As soon as we worked some more on a better plugin structure there will also be a full set of commands to install and administrate all kinds of plugins.

I really hope you like it and would like to thank @cilice for his initial work!