Kirby and Tinkerwell: Please Upvote

Some of you might know Tinkerwell. It a helper app to quickly try out ideas. It provides integration for other cms but not with 100% support of all features. Kirby currently has basic support.

i have been working on an improved “driver”.

tinkerwell has three modes

  • cli mode: i got that working for k2 and k3 even with public folder setup.
  • http mode: that does not work and that is the reason for this thread
  • table mode: that does work you just need to dump the right array format.

So what is this http mode? Its a preview of a template. with a little bit of effort on the side of the creator of tinkerwell Marcel Pociot this could work for kirbys templates and snippets as well. tinkerwell does not yet know where kirby (or any cms but laravel) store their templates, but thats not a big deal to add imho.

if it works if would look like this…

or that…

so if you like the ideas head over to my issue and give my post a :thumbsup:.