Kirby and fortrabbit

I just deployed a site to fortrabbit, The problem is, i cannot login, nor i can create the initial login. I dont think it is a permissions issue, I have followed fortrabbits documentaion.

For some reason, the panel keeps reloading instead of logging in. This is true if there are logins existing or its blank and i need to create the initial user.

Looking at the server, the .logins file doesnt get created when i try to login.

I also tried with a custom finger print, but no luck.

Any ideas?

I deleted my site and uploaded the Starterkit and got the same problem.

I also checked the session path out and its set to /tmp which should be fine I think. I am at a loss…

Ive gone through all the “cant login” type threads on the forum. Anyone got other ideas?

I tried logging in using Firefox and it worked. I was using Opera before (which is Chrome based I think) Strange.

i cannot login, nor i can create the initial login

Did you follow Docs: Running the installer?
Any cache tools in your browser or on your computer?

Sure. Im a long time Kirby user.

Nope. It seems its got something to do with the way fortrabbit has their preview domain setup in combination with a Chrome based browser. Recent versions of chrome get fussy about log in screens not being served over SSL. I think thats the culprit.