Kirby 3 – "The string did not match the expected pattern"

In the modal window, when adding a page and afterwards clicking on the status circle, I’m getting the “The string did not match the expected pattern”-error. If the title of the added page is only numbers though, the error doesn’t appear.

Any ideas why?


Could you post the relevant blueprint, please? Anything else in your console?

The site.yml blueprint:

title: Übersicht

  url: false
  status: false
  delete: false
  changeTitle: false

  - width: 1/3
        headline: Anderer Content
        type: pages
        	- home
        	- services
        	- markets
        	- aboutus
        	- contact
        	- press
        	- legal
  - width: 1/3
        headline: Produktkategorien
        type: pages
        template: productcategory
	- width: 1/3
	      headline: News
	      type: pages
	      template: newsitem

The productcategories-column is the one, that throws the error.

The productcategory.yml blueprint:

title: Produktkategorie

  url: false

I found out, that if I use num: num inside the productcategory.yml blueprint, the error does not occur.

Hm, I can’t reproduce this. Is that all that is in your productcategory.yml?

On a side note: The options in your site.yml blueprint (apart from changeTitle) don’t really make sense, you might as well remove them.

Hm, ok. Yeah, that’s all in the yml, for testing.

Thanks for the options-hint!

Hm, anything else that could be causing this? Hooks, plugins?

Wild guess: are you by chance on mac and using codekit?

Asking because there was a similar-ish issue in another thread and the issue turned out to be related to the codekit urls

Ah, no, but maybe it’s Safari-related. Thx!

I just tried your code and everything seems to work just fine for me as well so maybe it’s something related to your environment

Yeah, maybe, thanks anyways!