Kirby 3 Panel - last edited pages

Hey everyone,

in kirby 2 we had in our panel, on the home page, the field of the last edited pages.
Is this also possible in kirby 3? I haven’t found a solution yet.
Thank you for your answers :smile:

Kirby 2 Panel

Not out of the box, no.

But you could create a custom Panel section:

And in this section you would need to get the pages similar to this:

$site-index()->sortBy('modified', 'desc')->limit(5)

Hope this helps as a starting point.

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I created a (very bare bones) custom section to see how easy it is:

Maybe it helps you getting started.


Thank you, so much, guys :smile: That was the solution I was looking for. I have integrated the solution and it works perfectly :sunglasses:

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