Kirby 3.0, any release date?


Good evening everyone,

I have a simple question, does anyone of you happen to know by chance when is Kirby 3.0 out ? I am really looking forward to see this next version in action. I must admit that the two existing Alpha versions are already exceptional!

Thank you already,
Good evening from Switzerland :switzerland:

Maximilien Lanz


When it’s ready! :laughing:


While @bvdputte answer might sound a little bit harsh, and probably everybody would love to have Kirby 3 sooner than later, it is just the truth and we won’t say anything else.

If you followed along, you will know that great stuff is on its way, but it takes some iterations and trial and error phases to get it all right. So, please be patient and bear with us, even it is hard.


I prefer not to know, it’s more exciting :grinning:


I couldn’t wish for three more perfect replies :smiley:
I want to add though, that all licenses purchased after October 1st 2017 will be automatically upgraded to Kirby 3 for free. I announced that once, but didn’t repeat it yet, so you might not have heard it so far. If you buy a K2 license today, you basically have no risk, even if we increase the prices for v3.

Kirby - License

I didn’t mean to be harsh or rude :slight_smile:


@bvdputte of course not :slightly_smiling_face:


I thank everyone for all these answers :smile:


I am gonna wait until Kirby 3.0 gets out :slight_smile:

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