Kirby 2.5.7 admin panel (dropdown menu)

Admin panel, dropdown menu on left side + search on right side do not work after I updated to 2.5.7 (on previous it was fine). Any ideas why?

Could you please provide more information? What exactly does not work? The dropdown does not appear? The links don’t work? What is your PHP version? Your server environment?

Dropdown not appear, search not appear on click. PHP 56. Server env … what do you mean? How to get it? Here is temp link on site

But everything else works and Javascript is enabled in your browser? Do you get any errors in your console?

Yes, I can see all my pages, add/remove it … no any errors in console. But as for JS … definitely something wrong. It’s enabled in browser, but scripts do not work. Section with screenshots on my site is broken too.

Ok, I disabled gzip for JS files, now it looks good. Any ideas why it happens?

Looks like my gzip script breaks something …

How do you enable compression on your server? Have you analyzed your network traffic requests/responses? Seems to be some sort of misconfiguration somewhere, unrelated to Kirby.

Yeah, this is gzip script. I replaced with another option now. Looks like solved! Thanks a lot for your hints.