Kirby 2.4.0 beta 2: Question to permissions

In most examples to the new permissions there is the line

         '*'                    => true,

I could not find, what is the result of this line using the argument true.
For me, a role with this line and a role with an identical file without this line, I find no other behavior.

So I think, if I add a file at site/roles/, this is the default for all permissions and I don’t need this line.

Can someone please tell me, what is the effect, if I add this line or not, if I am wrong.

I know, that false avoids the use of the panel.

This is just to show that this option exists, as it is the default for all roles with Panel access, it is not necessary to set this explicitly to true.

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Then I would not show this line in any of these Docs.

But of course it is @bastianallgeier’s job, to decide this.

We have decided to do it like that to make it explicit. Thank you for the feedback though, we will keep it in mind.

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