Kirby 1.12 enable content


is it possible in Kirby v1.12 to enable or disable content in the panel.
A customer wants to enable or disable a fixed

via a radio button in the admin panel.
Is this possible in Kirby1 or is an update needed?

It is a grraphic which is on the whole site. So I want to change the visibility of this div in the site options. But I don’t know where the site blueprint is.

I never used the Panel with Kirby 1, can’t really remember which blueprint was used for the site… What if you do a site wide search in your text editor to find the fields that are used there?

I just find a site.txt but with the content but no blueprint. Is it possible to update to v3 right away? I would rather do that.

You don’t have to go via Kirby 2, but updating from Kirby 1 or Kirby 2 can involve quite some work, depending on the complexity of the project. The Panel has changed massively and also the way plugins work. If your current Kirby 1 project uses plugins, you would have to recreate them or check out if there are new ones.

Basic templates will more or less still work, although some methods were deprecated.

Kirby 3 is great and for a project that has a strong future ahead, it will definitely be worth it. But if this is a client project, I’d say make sure they are willing to pay.

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Thanks for the fast and detailed answer.
I will recommend the customer to update to the latest version and rebuild the site, since I’m not the one who made the current one. I’ve always wanted a real v3 Project anyways :slight_smile:

Also from a security point of view it would be worth it.

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