K-items not working since Kirby 3.7

Hi. I’m using this code in my plugin:

                v-if="list.length == 0"

Since the update to 3.7 the output will not shown anymore. No error in console. No mention in the release note.
May you can help me?

That’s from your form blocks plugin, right? So multiple items show correctly, just this empty one doesn’t? Does this render anything in the source code and just the text is empty, or don’t you get anything?

Hi Sonja

That’s right, it’s from kirby-form-blocks. I modified the code a bit to focus on the relevant things. The original code is here.

The last item shows actually the empty text. Even if i escape that, the complete k-items will not shown.

Hi there. I just removed the k-items wrapper tag (<k-items></k-items>) and now it works.