jQuery or pure CSS for fixed Header + Footer and the Main as Sliding section

Hello together,

I want to create following structure for my website:

  • The complete site use only the available viewport height
  • The Header and Footer will be fixed
  • The content in the main section have to be a sliding section

When I see it right then I have to options to make it.

The first one is with jQuery e.g. with fullpage.js
And the second one is with pure CSS e.g. with transitions.

As a newby I don’t really know which solution is the better one. And so I hope you can help me a little bit to decide.



What do you mean with “sliding section”?

  1. CSS
  2. CSS
  3. CSS or Javascript is both possible, I’d go for JS

some inspiration for creating menue and content

Thanks for your answers and sorry that I reply so late.

I will test something of the possible solutions and think about it if it’s the right way.