Is "Whoops" suppressed when using content representations?

I am having a plugin with a custom function that throws an Exception. When I am calling the function inside a regular snippet/template with enabled debug mode, Whoops welcomes me and shows me what is going on (spoiler: already fixed the issue).

But when calling the same function inside a content representations template (in this case .json) the browser just prints “null” even though debug mode is enabled. :thinking:

Am I missing here something?.. I would expect that Whoops will show up with enabled debug mode independent of the content representation format when there is an Exception?

Could you post steps to reproduce, please?

I prepared some demo to reproduce it and noticed… Whoops is working fine! :see_no_evil:

So I kept lost in digging deeper and noticed there might be a bug in my exception handling. However, I have not found it yet.

In this case: Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: and happy holidays.

Thanks, Manuel, and happy holidays to you, too! :christmas_tree:

And good luck with finding the issue.

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