Is there a way to add anchored links to images in Panel?

Well, but that is not the source code in the browser…

Oh gotcha
Let me do that.

Ok, there’s an anker tag now but it doesn’t have the link, that’s weird…

Is there a way to change the public link to the photo, I just don’t know why the link that is attached to the photo is not anchoring.

Nor do I. If you want, zip the stuff and upload it somewhere and send me a link to the project via PM.

  1. The reason why the gallery is not shown is because the #pagephoto container has a height of 0 (see styles in your last screenshot). Don’t know what is causing this, but definitely a result of your JS, maybe because the anker tags have styles that hide the content or whatever.

  2. I have no explanation why the link doesn’t show up as expected. Either, you have a custom link method defined that does the same as the URL method. Or some JavaScript injects the image URL.