Is Mailgun Integration Broken?

It does not seem like any email is getting through with mailgun as email service. I tripplechecked using the correct domain and key combination.It’ll error out saying this email cannot be sent.

When checking the email function I noticed for mailgun it’s still using the v2 api, even though they are already using a v3 by default ( they claim to be reverse compatible though ) how can i pinpoint to what is wrong?


The error means that the API responded with a HTTP status code other than 200. Could you please dump $email->response? It might contain the error message from Mailgun.

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i guess i could located the problem with $email->response

is there the possibility to add mailgun as default in the config file as well?

What was the problem? :slight_smile:


c::set('email.service', 'mailgun');
c::set('email.options', ['domain' => 'yourdomain', 'key' => 'yourkey']);
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