Introducing: Lingonberry (ported Wordpress theme)

Hey there,
hopefully you had refreshing holidays, didn’t get your hands blown off by someone’s firecracker, then check this out:

Meet Lingonberry

Lingonberry, one of my favorite Wordpress themes back in the days - when Anders Norén first released it, I just loved it, and even today admire its simple approach to a full-featured blogging experience (beautiful typography, custom post types, wide range of archives built-in).

Check it out:



As always, any kind of feedback is totally welcome - until then …

Good times!

PS: I’m planning to port more of Anders’ themes - for now there are Lingonberry & Hemingway.


I have been a fan of his work as well, when I used Wordpress. I even tried to contact him but he did not reply. He is from Sweden, a wonderful country. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to know, I have also built a Wordpress theme: Press the “Convert to Kirby” button on that one. :wink: My Dice theme is inspired by which you might see.

A bit off topic but I also made which is still used on, here: WP Page Numbers is a newbie plugin that I made when I was a beginner. It’s kind of sad that they still use my 9 year old plugin and don’t build their own pagination.

Anyway, nice work with Lingonberry. I hope someone will use it. :slight_smile:

Gotta love Sweden, true!
For now, I’m interested in ways to further simplify Lingonberry, then I’ll use this for (all) other themes from Anders - and maybe dice, too!

Glad you appreciate Lingonberry, but I gotta say - your work … well, you rock!

// Update: What priority do you think should I assign to adding comment function + styles?

Do you want so see more of Anders Norén’s (awesome) themes ported to Kirby?

  • Yes
  • No
  • What?

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Well, I’ll continue as you command.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Comments are much easier to implement in WordPress because it’s built in. With Kirby you need to choose an approach. I would probably go with one of these:

But even if you leave the comment part out of your themes, it’s still possible for the developer to implement a comment system by choice, by modifing your theme.

You might also get random content from the Disqus network showing up in the comment feed. No such thing as a free lunch.

I would leave comments out of it, then people can implement it if needed. Otherwise your forcing a service (Disqus / Facebook) on someone.

Theres a good article here on wether comments on a site are actually beneficial.

If anything, I’d only include something like KirbyComments, certainly not Facebook. But you might as well only recommend a solution and leave it out completely, for the users to choose what they prefer. After all, not everyone needs a comment system.

That definitely is the way to go: optional, but fully functional. I neither promote Facebook nor Disqus, and if people want to integrate, that’s their choice to make.

Also, the point’s not wether comments are beneficial, although that concern is totally valid - I’m porting a theme that has integrated comment support, and I want to reflect that - it’s a port, not a modified version, after all.

Thanks for the input so far, based on it I believe the way to go is optional KirbyComments support (being activated by ticking a nifty checkbox).



Adding RSS feed, code cleanup and fixing an error on single post view when there’s no author specified.

For more information, check out the release page on GitHub.

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Comments are now supported (but disabled by default).
More information / docs are coming soon!

Have a good one,

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nice feature! i love to see the active development.

I just noticed, that the search function is also searching through comments. That’s great. But maybe it should show results sorted by comments and blog-entries.
Also seacrh results of comments are not very informative. for example the title of the search results entries are like “comment-2” without any info on the related blog-post.

this is no complainment… just trying to share thoughts =)

I guess a ported theme should stay true to its origin?

// btw: I’d like to see it translated, actually

While I appreciate your thoughts on the issue, I’m with @daybugging on this one:
Staying close to the original Lingonberry theme, there will be no comment-specific search function. Feel free to fork & modify it, as implementing this feature should be quite easy (for further API instructions, check out KirbyComments (demo available here, will soon add some to the Lingonberry demo as well).

However, thanks for mentioning that currently comments appear among search results, as well - that’s definitely unplanned :pensive:

Adding translatable strings is on my list.
PRs are always welcome too, you know :slight_smile:

I’m currently working towards making Lingonberry as DRY as possible - being a stepping stone for rapid development of additional theme ports.

Any missing feature will be implemented along the way eventually. Thanks for the great interest in this project so far, and stay well


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