Introducing: Hemingway (ported Wordpress theme)

Hey there,
it’s been a while since I released Lingonberry, which was well-received - thanks for all suggestions & tipps on the way, so today, the next ported Wordpress theme is finally available & ready for a test drive …

Meet Hemingway

Hemingway, again one of my favorite Wordpress themes by Anders Norén.

Check it out:



As always, any kind of feedback is totally welcome - until then …

Good times!

PS: I’m planning to port more of Anders’ themes - for now there are Hemingway & Lingonberry

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Once again, very nice work.

One thing I noticed on the Style Guide page … the center-aligned demonstration image isn’t center-aligned when viewed in Chrome 63.


Thanks, in Lingonbery I fixed this manually in the CSS (only non-conform change of original assets) …

I’ll look into it!

// Update: Fixed (commit).

Thanks for the quick fix!