Integrating Sendinblue into the Shopkit via SMTP

Hi there. Sorry I’m not a coder nor a developer, our site was made in Kirby years ago and I seek help to try to fix bugs or malfunctions probably due to lack of upgrading.
Like, I need to integrate Sendinblue as our transactional email service into the shopkit.php via smtp. So far I have edited:

site/plugins/shopkit/shopkit.php line 671
site/config/config.php line 30

with the new service data. But it’s not working. Users trying to register get the Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded and it points to
/vendor/getkirby/toolkit/lib/collection.php : 151

public function append($key, $object) {
$this->data = $this->data + array($key => $object);
return $this;

Is there anything else I should look at?

Hey, welcome to the Kirby forum.

Could you please let us know:

  • Which Kirby version you are using?
  • Which version of Shopkit you have and a link to this plugin
  • We cannot possibly know what is on line 30 of your config.php without you posting your code here :wink:
  • When referring to external services, it helps if you provide links…

Thank you.
I was told not to upgrade versions, I wouldn’t know how to fix any new malfunction!
For the code I’ll post screenshots, is that right? (Being a new user I can post just 1 image.)
Captura de pantalla 2021-02-20 a la(s) 17.39.54

site/plugins/shopkit/shopkit.php line 671
Captura de pantalla 2021-02-20 a la(s) 17.50.12

Thanks, it’s more useful if you post code as code and not as images, and the code should also be complete and not cut off somewhere in the middle.

Also, I’m missing what you have put into your config.php

Sorry is it possible to copy code with the line numbers in it?

site/config/config.php line 30
Captura de pantalla 2021-02-20 a la(s) 17.53.40

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with sendinblue, so don’t know what data they require. Provided that your data is correct, it should actually work like that, at least it is similar to what can be found in the Kirby 2 documentation.

But I have no way of testing this myself.

Thanks a lot, I’ll check with Sendinblue’s support.