Installing plugins creates Github page on starterkit homepage?

Probably a really stupid newbie question here:

When I install the relatedpages plugin into the site/plugins folder, my homepage running on localhost displays the Github page for the plugin just above the regular Home page for the default site.

Does anybody know why this might be happening? Any direction would really be appreciated!

Maybe it has something to do with running on localhost?


That really shouldn’t be happening at all (there’s no code in the plugin to make that happen). Could you please post a screenshot?

Thank you for your response. Here are two screenshots before and after scrolling down:

@lukasbestle I just installed the tagcloud plugin and the same thing happens but with the tagcloud github page instead of the relatedpages plugin page!

This is weird, indeed. Could you post the rendered html and maybe your site structure?

@texnixe Site structure is totally the same as the downloaded starterkit but with /relatedpages in the plugin folder.

When you say post the rendered html, do you mean something more than a screenshot of the page I posted earlier? Or the page source? Thanks for your reply.

I think I got it to work, each time I thought I was saving the plugin PHP file off github, I was in fact saving the PHP I was in which is also called relatedpages.php.