Inconsitent - Fields vs Tags

In both field methods and kirbytext tags we can get the page object which is important for many cases. However I find them inconsistent with each other.


In kirbytext::$tags

echo $tag->page()->title();

In field::$methods

echo $tag->page->title();

Do you spot the difference? With kirbytext tags it’s called like a nested function. With field method it’s a… I don’t know, something else.

Why bother?

When I first tried field methods I used echo $field->page()->title() but that failed because it does not work like in the template.

Today, I could not find the docs right away when trying out kirbytext tags, so I tried echo $tag->page->title() because I remembered how I did with field methods. That also failed because it does not work like the field method.

To be inutiative I think they need to be “in sync”.

Prefered version

I like how kirbytext tags works. Always use page() as a function, because that is how it also work in the template.

I think field method is the not so good one here.