Include a random ad/sponsored in a grid?

Hey y’all. I’m working on a post grid for my homepage and throughout my website that lists recent posts. Let’s say it’s a 3x3 or so grid and I would like to randomly include an banner/ad of some sort within the grid. I’d even be happy with a post type or creating the ad as a post? I hope I am making sense and would love to know your thoughts on how to tackle this! Thanks in advance.

You can either create the ads as blog posts with a special blueprint, or you create a new parent page where you collect such adds.

In your homepage controller, you can then fetch the desired number of ads from this ad parent (or filter by template when created as posts inside the blog folder), add them to the blog collection and you are good to go.

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Thanks so much for your help. I feel like the special blueprint example would work, what would be an example of such a thing?

That totally depends on the content you want to store for such an add.