Images: Allow Editors to select from any previous uploads

Hi, how can I allow Editors in the Panel to select from any previously uploaded images?

I thought

    parent: site

might allow editors to select from anywhere, but it only shows images in the content root folder.

Is there a way to allow editors to select from any previous uploads?

You mean from all images, wherever they were uploaded to, i.e. a search over the whole site?

Yes, that’s right.

An editor might upload an image to the About Us page for example, but then also want to use that image later the Authors page.

Hm, that setup could end up with a veeerrryyy long list of images to select from

In any case, you have to use the query option instead of the upload option to set the image to select from

query: site.index.images

The upload property sets the page to upload to and you can only upload to a single parent page. Maybe set upload to false in this particular case.

Thank you :slight_smile: