"if $collection->has($block)" not working

I have the following code where I want to check if my collection contains the current block…

  <?php if($Upcoming->has($block)): ?>

but it’s not working yet. Is it even possible? :slight_smile:

What is $Upcoming? And what $block?

My Collection “Upcoming”:

$newBlocks = $site->newBlocks()->toBlocks();

$Upcoming = $newBlocks
->filter(function ($block) {
    return $block->from()->toDate() > time();
->sortBy(function ($site) {
    return $site->from()->toDate();
    }, 'desc');

and the $block is a snippet in snippets/blocks/block.php

I’m getting this: “Call to a member function has() on null” in block type: “block”

I already tried to create this collection right in front of my if-statement

Hm, the error means that $Upcoming is null instead of a blocks collections. You can check this with dump($Upcoming);

then, I am getting this:

Kirby\Cms\Blocks Object
    [0] => 451e65c0-85e1-48d5-b364-edc1bea6bb0d

but on my page where I created the collection, I am displaying blocks out of this collection - so it works…
with this code:

                    if ($Upcoming->count() > 0): ?>
                        <ul class="munich-content-list">
                            <?php foreach ($Upcoming as $block): ?>
                            <li class="event-block">
                                <div id="<?= $block->id() ?>" class="block block-type-<?= $block->type() ?>">
                                    <?= $block ?>
                                <?php endforeach ?>
                    <?php endif ?>

So the collection does in fact exist, don’t know why you are getting this error, then. Maybe you can post the complete block snippet.

Hmm, strange. It’s not that important – It works when I put “$block->from()->toDate() > time()” in my if-statement too.
I just wanted it to be more dynamic/shorter. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway!