Ics file type upload

I’m trying to create a file field that will accept an .ics file.

My block blueprint:

    type: files
    limit: 1
    label: Invite ICS file
    template: ics
    help: "Create an ICS file with all event details here: https://apps.marudot.com/ical/"
    type: url
    label: Google Calendar event URL
    type: url
    label: Outlook Calendar URL
    type: text
    label: CTA text
    default: Save the Date

And my file blueprint:

title: Calendar File
  extension: ics

But I just get an Invalid file type error when I try to use it.

I guess it’s something in the file template, but I find any help in the Docs related to calendar files.

For your blueprint to work with a field, you have to assign the template via the uploads property, not via template.

Perfect thank you