I get this error: Invalid action

Hi - I get an “Error - Invalid action” when trying to edit my files. Any clue of what’s going on?

Is the content folder writable by the web server user?

Yes, the folder is writeable - just as the thumbs folder. All the other folders are 755

Where exactly is that error thrown and when?

When I log onto Panel, and want to edit something from the dashboard

Does this affect any page? Or only particular pages? Are you using any plugins? I still don’t know how that error is thrown? Is it an error message in the page? A popup alert? Could you post a screenshot?

What about your environment: PHP version, Kirby version, OS, remote server, localhost?

So the error appears when you click on a page title in the pages widget in the dashboard?

I’m very new to Kirby, and have no skills.
It hasn’t any effect on any pages - the error appears when clicking a title in dashboard

Unfortunately, you do not provide the information I asked for like your PHP version, your computer operating system , the Kirby and Panel versions etc. I can’t reproduce this error nor can I find any other issues here in the forum with this error message at the moment.

If you uploaded Kirby and the Panel to a remote server, are you sure that all files were uploaded properly? Could you try to upload the Panel folder again?

Oh, I am sorry I didn’t provide you with the details.
However, it solved the problem by re-uploading the Panel folder again!
Thanks a lot for your help and patience! :slight_smile:

Oh, great, guess something was lost in the process.