How to throw async errors in field plugins so that the Kirby error boundary catches them?

Panel JS / Vue: does anyone know how I can throw an error from inside a promise, inside of a field plugin, so that the message is caught by the errorboundary that kirby wraps around my field?

let me explain… This works:

created() {
  throw 'This is an error'; 

This doesn’t:

methods: {
  fails() {
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => reject('this is an error'))
created() {
  this.fails().catch(error => throw error)

it doesn’t work because it’s “Uncaught (in promise)” - I’ve tried manually notifying the errorboundary with something like this.fails().catch(error => this.$emit('error', error)) . But it doesn’t seem like the kirby error boundary has that function.

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I have found that using this works for now:

this.fails().catch((error) => {
  this.$parent.error = error.message

But that doesn’t seem very resilient… If in future kirby versions fields aren’t directly wrapped in KErrorBoundary this won’t work anymore…