How to remove photography and note in the menu from frontend

I just installed kirby starterkit.
How to remove photography and note from top menu at frontend’s homepage?
And how to remove from the panel?

Do you want to completely delete those pages?

  • You can either delete the two folders directly in the file systems
  • Or you can delete these pages in the Panel: Click on Setting, select Delete and confirm that you want to delete the Pages by entering the title.

If you want to keep them but remove from the menu and make invisible in the Panel:

  • change their status from public to draft (click on public in the menu bar, select Draft in the dialog that appears)
  • remove the notes and albums sections from /site/blueprints/site.yml

I add a little: if you want to delete these pages in the panel, you need to click the section’s title, enter that page to see the Setting, This is not very easy to find:joy:

In this case, yes, because the notes and photography pages have their own sections. If they were part, for example, of the pages section (like the one in the bottom right) in the Panel start page , you could delete them from the section.