How to display all available tags in the panel?


We want to display all the available tags, which we got through a query, for our editor.
Default behavior is that if you enter a character, it will give you all tags containing this character.
But is it possible to somewhere show all tags, maybe in the help area?


Yes, you could show a comma separated list of all text in the help text or a separate info field below the field.


How would that work, I do not see an option to put the query content to the text property of the info field, only plain text?

Anyone else has an idea how we can get all tags by query?

Create a custom pages method that returns what you want to show. Then query that either in the help prop or in your info fields text property.

Assuming you have a pages method getAllTags() that returns a comma separated list of all tags plucked from the pages, you can then use it like this:

            type: tags
            help: '{{page.siblings.getAllTags}}'

Same for the text property of an info field.