How to configure a single videos/image as field


I´d like to style a page with different fields like text and number fields and additional video and images in between where the user can view and upload a (single) video/image.

Is this supported out of the box or do I need to write this field type myself?
The documentation points to “files” which seems to be a more dynamic file list instead.

Kind regards.

Ok, I just tried to use the “files” type as field with “min”/“max” == 1 which works except that the thumbnail is very small because the layout looks like a list item.

Do I need to create a custom field type to achieve a visual style where the image/video is resized to the full available width?

You can use card layout for files sections/fields for something more visual.

Thank you texnixe! It looks much better with this layout. I somehow missed this option…