How to add a project archive functionality

Hi guys,
i have a portfoilio page with a project overview and a archive below. I’d like to add the functionality to the panel that it is possible to switch off a project in the project overview, but it keep it visible in the archive.
I tried it with the checkbox in the project snippet. But it is not working. Any ideas why? Thank you in advance

	$projects = page('projects')->children()->visible();
	foreach ($projects as $project) : ?>
<?php if($project->myCheckboxField()->bool()): ?>
	<div class="container">...</div>
<?php endif ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

That code should actually work, if that field exists in your projects and if the project should appear if the box is checked. Which Kirby version are you using?

I had a stupid typo :slight_smile: Now it works. Anyway thank your for your support.