How to add a "Previous (project)" navigation block next to "Next (project)"

Hello folk.
I am running on Kirby 2.4.1 with Konstrut theme installed. Once we are in any given project, at the bottom appears “Next” as in Next project. Basically I would also like to have a “Previous” as in Previous project next to it on the left.
See an example of a project here:

Can anyone help? Thanks!

Have a look at this cookbook recipe:

Maybe you can paste the snippet code from your theme here if you need more detailed help.

Thanks a lot for your prompt response!
And where should I insert the piece of code? index.php?

No, not the index.php! The code is either in a template or in a snippet, but I don’t know the template, so I can only guess. Also, you would have to adapt the code from the recipe to fit the current code… Maybe there is a snippet called prev-next.php in /site/snippets or something like that?


there is a pre-next.php
where should I insert the code in that page?

You basically have to copy the code between the nav tags, insert that after the last endif and then adapt it with prev instead of next (please do not post screenshots of code but better copy and paste it here as code block, otherwise it makes it very difficult for us).

Note that you probably have to adapt your stylesheet as well to fit the two blocks next to each other… if that is what you want to do.

thanks for your help. I am a newbie here :slight_smile: next time I will post the actual code, just thought it was not permitted.