How should I build a tour Structure

I am working on a tour site and I need help from the Kirby community. Ok, would be the best approach to building
this structure down below. Basically should I create a category in blueprint? I did created a tour and tours blueprint.

Thank you for your help

–usa & canada tours
—7 days tour to Hollywood.
—6 days Beverly Hills
–Latin America tours
—7 days tour of costa
—6 days tour of Mexico

title: Tour category
icon: folder

- tours

I have built tour sites with Kirby. I just set a Tours folder and put all the trips in there. I did not use categories. Keep it simple :slight_smile:

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It depends, but just a tours folder without any category subfolders might be enough.

If you have very many subpages in a single parent (like more than let’s say 1000), it might be wise to have a more tree like structure to keep up the performance. That’s probably not the case in your site?

You can still categorize your tours for filtering etc., however, by using a category field in your tour blueprint.

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