How I made 1000 pages in 4 minutes in Kirby

I’m a UX designer by trade. But I’ve always wanted to do things quickly. So when I had to create 1000 pages where content would be entered. This was not a favorable use of my time.

So I got an excel spreadsheet of all the pages that needed created. Made sub folders. I did that manually.

A - Z

Then took those 1000 names, copied them to a .txt file. Saved it into a folder where I wanted all the content pages created.

After cleaning my results with search and replace.

Removing the spaces with - and removing periods with nothing. PS remove periods first.

Then I ran this command in my MAC terminal. It may be different for PC users. It creates folders out of a .txt list. Each item on a different line of the .txt file.

cat airlinelist.txt | xargs mkdir

After running, this will generate for each item in the list a new folder. Then I moved the A folders into the A sub directory, B into B’s, C’s and so forth.

Now the nice thing about Kirby. Don’t go and create a .txt file for each directory of content. If it’s missing Kirby will dump a new TXT file into each directory. Thus you can go into your panel and modify and edit your page at will.

Hope this helps someone.

PS- What a nice feature this would be for any content management system.

Paste a list of titles into a text box, hit enter and the CMS automatically creates those pages.

Instead, you have to click add, create title, and so forth, what a drag that can be.

What about $pages->create()?