How do you explain to users in an info field how the block editor works?

Especially in German.

The listet elements to build an article is quite self explaining, but once the first field appears and the grid is gone, the whole interface changers radically. Now you need users to get the idea with the little dodad that only appears on hover. Unfortunatly on a tablet or phone, there is no hover state.

Then they have to get the idea of inserting the next element beneath the one above it. The label of that function says something like “Insert beneath” (“Unterhalb Einfügen…”), but I have experienced, that users don’t get what they are supposed to insert. Maybe my users are more stupid than yours, but maybe… .

Anyway, I try to write a little helper, but it is hard to explain without too many words (especially in German).

Most of these block editors work in a similar way, I think, so it’s probably a usage pattern that people need to be trained to use and get used to, if they are completely new to this kind of editor.

Maybe show them how to use it in a little Bastian-style screencast rather than explain with words? Don’t know if a “How-to-use-the-editor” one is on the list.

There’s a great plugin that helps with users like this:

You can easily add your own content to this panel view. Maybe some animated GIFs would be enough if you don’t want to record a screencast?

That Plugin looks great. Gonna try that. Thank you!

But what if people don’t know e.g. Wordpress/ Guttenberg? I mean that there is maybe an opportunity to make the Kirby Editor different and better from a usability perspective. Especially that context dependent functionality like “if you hover over this thing, then…” or “once you clicked it opens that menu…”.

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be any documentation and certainly not that some things couldn’t be better.

Personally, for example, it annoys me that I can hardly tell one headline level from another and would love it to have a visible indication. Currently, I have to actually click on that block and inspect which headline is still available and deduce from that which one I’ve actually used. But there is a github repo where we can post such issues so that the editor will hopefully get to be the best block editor in the world :slight_smile: