How can i hide the licence key in the panel?

This is a bit of annoying, many people are currently adding content on this website (not in production, yet) and CAN see the licence key i paid for. I don’t want my licence to be used by pirates and be banned one time. The rule is i believe one licence per website, not more.

How i can manage to not make public this licence?

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If you don’t want to fiddle with the core, just remove the key from your config file (for the staging server). You can have different config files for different servers.

The license can’t be banned, because Kirby doesn’t check whether a license is “valid” or not.

But maybe a feature in the future could be that only Panel admins, not editors, can see the license in the site options. I’m adding a feature request on GitHub.

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Yes, but in a case i need everyone to be administrator (for now) they see the license.
This is an useless feature, if you do the website yourself you don’t need to see the license in the admin panel.

Well, there are several reasons why the license information is there:

  • as a gentle reminder to buy a license when the site goes live
  • to reassure your customers that they’ve got a (valid) license
  • to have easy access to the license information if a user of the site needs support

Having said that, you don’t need to put your license key in the config.php at all if you can live with the fact that the info then says “Trial”.

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Why do you need all your users to have the admin role?

BTW: We discussed this a bit on GitHub already.

This is a project in common, we can’t restrict access to the panel right now because they are adding/modifying content & options.

The only difference between admin and editor roles is currently that editors can’t create/edit/remove other users.

Wouldn’t a “your licence is valid” (if it is checked or not doesn’t matter here) be enough?

@schurb See my post above for the reasons why the license information is there in the first place. Information like “your license is valid” will not help with this.

This is now implemented using user permissions and will be available in the next Kirby release.

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