How can I add #anchors to the Url while Scrolling over projects?

I have a one-pager with many projects and I want to be able to share URLs with anchors, so they link to the position of a project on the page.


Therefore I am looking for something which is adding and switching anchors in the Url, based to the scroll position / which project is currently in the viewport…

Does anybody know how to do this with kirby? :slight_smile:

That’s a thing you’ll have to do with JavaScript. I don’t have a ready solution at hand, but a search for “scrollspy” and/or “set anchor in url” might give you some hints.

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I have used fullPage.js for this in the past

You could probably do it with Waypoints Waypoints

edit: yes you can it seems :slight_smile:

$('section').waypoint(function() {
    var hash =

    window.location.hash = (hash);
    currentHash = hash;
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Thanks! :slight_smile: