Hiding Section Add Button

        type: pages
        headline: Content
            - default
            - about
            - home
        type: pages
        headline: Custom
        create: false
          - core
          - system

I dont want “+ Add” button (right top on pages section) on custom section. I can hide with using max but why create: false option not working?

When i set create: false and try to add page, page template seen as like following screenshot.
I was expecting that hide “+ Add” button.



create –
Optional array of templates that should only be allowed to add.

So if you add a template called false, it obviously doesn’t exist.

One way to hide the add button is the max option, the other to set the status to listed or unlisted or published.

In other words, the add button is only shown if the status is not set, set to all or draft.

I got it! status: unlisted more usable for me. Thanks

Does it have any features no template as ?
If not, creating templateless page not make sense.
So i think create: false option can trigger hide the button.

Do we really need an additional way to hide the button? For which use case? IMO, with too many options, it would only complicate things. You could create a feature request in the ideas repo.

Not really, true.