Help us test 3.5.6-rc.1

While we are busy working on 3.6, we decided to release another patch release in the meantime. There are some annoying things like the broken back button in the Panel that we wanted to fix as soon as possible.

Today we are releasing the RC for 3.5.6: Release 3.5.6-rc.1 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub

Testers are always welcome!

There is a weird bug with Blocks field with this version (does not happen with 3.5.5). When adding a new text block (or list), when you try to highlight the text to make it bold, italic, create a link…etc, an error message appear saying:

l.a.$t is not a function

See video below:


Thanks for reporting, this has already been fixed and will be in the next RC. The fix is already on the develop branch.

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